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.../ governor ...// says.../ áápresidentáá... obama -- /// to do -- /// - ááthanáá.../ get... involved.../ in... the.../ budget battle .../ going... on.../ in... his.../ ssate..../// áámikeáá... emanuel...// reports...//// áátheáá.../ president.../ has...// injected.../ into... such matters --/ before. (take pkg) as president obama comments he made earlier this week regarding wisconsin's budget repair bill. white house spokesman jay carney clarified the presiddnt is very understanding of state governments needing to reduce spending and be fiscally responsible. on wednesday, the president waded into the state's dispute whee he told a milwaukee t-v station it appeared tt be an assault on unions, and quote: (((president obama gfx)))"i think it's important not to vilify them or to suggest that somehow, all these budget problems are due to public employees." today, the republican governor essentially told the president to butt outtwalker says: "well p think we're focuued on balance budget. it would be wise for he preside
of president obama's comments on the situation, but we begin with correspondent mike tobin live in madison. good evening. >> reporter: capital grounds are swarming with people, putting pressure on scott walker. 14 democrats, however, are missing. those are the state senators that crossed state lines to prevent passage of the budget repair bill. components of the weakened collective bargaining the essence of union strength. >> this is what a governor gets when he threatens the power of the union. >> in a state where teachers' salaries and benefits total to more than $87,000 per year, 2.7% higher than the national average they understand the need to ante up for health care and a pension but the collective bargain they say is untouchable. >> i'm still willing to take the pay cuts but what i'm scared about we don't know where it will end. because all of our protection electing gone. >> scott walker wants the state legislature to pass a bill that would end the collective bargaining rights for public employees and in turn, increase their healthcare and pension payments. he says it will help ease
right here tonight. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. president obama held a press conference saying that his budget for 2012 is responsible and will help the country. as you know, the 2012 spending ceiling is $3.7 trillion. deficit $1.1 trillion. many economists saying that is far too high. also rather embarrassing that the president's own debt commission says he is not doing nearly enough to solve the financial crisis in america. tonight talking points hits a very simple strategy. the u.s. government must go back to 2008 and spend the same amount of money that it did before the recession hit. the budget in 2008 of the $2.9 trillion. $2.9 trillion. almost a trillion dollars less than the 2012 proposal. the deficit in '08 was $458 billion, 60% lower than the projected deficit in '12. let's go back to 2008. that would mean the defense department would get $612 billion instead of $884 billion. department of energy would get $21 billion instead of $30 billion and the department of education would get 66 billion instead of 77. now, the department of education sp
: the obama administration seeps to be adding fuel to the fire. -- seems to be adding fuel to the fire. >> i think the president has his hands full with the federal deficit. he should stick to palling the federal budget. >> greta: karl rove is here to go on the record. first lt. governor clay fish joins us live. where are your 14 democratic senators tonight? >> i don't know i think they appeared on tv more than to the public. we would encourage them to show up at work in madison which is where their constituents need them. >> >> greta: when was the last time you have heard directly from these senators? >> i believe the senate majority leader did hear from leader miller later -- i'm sorry earlier today. i believe that was the last communication. most that we have heard from them, at this point is on television interviews. >> greta: somebody's gotta give. either the governor has to give or the state senate has to give somehow or the 14 senators who are in the state of illinois need to come back. who is going to give first? >> well, we have nothing to ác/judy as you her the governor say, we're
. >> president obama has condemned the violence against anti- government protesters. mr. obama warned that the stability depended on meaningful political reform. security forces again opened fire on demonstrators. the u.s. and the united kingdom has ended all but the central travel. >> it is in crisis. protesters tried to march to the city center again. this is the response. the police and the army are using teargas and bullets. on the day they bury their dead, there is more bloodshed in the streets. dozens are wounded, some of them critically. the cries of others have fallen on deaf ears. it is far from over. he was buried today, one of six protesters to die this week. he was shot dead by the police. across town, the supporters took to the streets. much of it belongs to the minority. the poor here are overwhelmingly muslim. no surprise that these are the people that make up the both of the protesters. >> it makes a difference. >> it has the potential to shape the rest of the region. not just for the oil, but the strategic military. >> there is a strong religious element to it. it is
of the entitlements. obama is right to -- on the continuing resolution. but then when we resolve that issue -- and i think we will resolve it in some way -- then you have to buy nature get to entitlements. >> you can have a debate -- >> they know it. they are starting to acknowledge it. >> the president said the republicans' cuts are too deep and it threatens a veto. >> let's use a scalpel. let's not use a machete. >> house speaker john boehner says if the president does not cut deeply, republicans will. >> for the last two years since the president has taken off as the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs. and if some of those jobs are lost in it, so be it. we are broke. >> so what? >> they are fighting over this 12%. it the whole game is elsewhere. but like the two political parties -- both the republicans and democrats, while the rest of the country is saying we have a problem with the debt but the two political parties -- >> they are fighting about -- >> maybe they will get to it but they did not show -- >> they are writing about subsidies for poor people and heating in the nort
discipline. the cuts will be necessary. >> jon: mr. obama unveils his budget to mixed reaction. he wants to spend more on education, energy and innovation, but his plan gets a failing grade to republicans who see a need for big and deep cuts. and guess which plan the press likes. >> the wisconsin's budget cuts go national and democratic lawmakers go missing when it's time to take votes. has the media taken sides here, too. the so-called facebook revolution grows beyond egypt to include other gulf nations and the media plays a part in reporting the eat. are we geg the whole story. >> what do i have to do short of suicide to convince people i'm not running. apparently i have to commit suicide. >> new jersey chris chris getting more media attention for him to make a run for president. are they pushing too hard. >> i do work for the president, but i'm also here to help the press understand what we're doing. >> jon: once a journalist, now the president's pitchman. jay carney takes over the press room podium. what can we expect from this guy, has the media called for the end of humanity when a
been shaken in the region with these pro- democracy protests. >> it is the first veto by the obama administration, but to many people, it looked like american business as usual, really. >> you had the administration coming in and promising better relations with the muslim world. you also had president obama, his rhetoric -- very strongly, lately, behind the pro-democracy demonstrators, behind the rule of law in the arab world. that was his rhetoric that the arab protesters world, but the decisive action he has taken that b.c. is to defend israel in the security council on an issue like settlements, where, frankly, the united states was very isolated. there were 14 votes for the resolution. that is everybody else on the security council. the resolution was co-sponsored by some 130 countries. there's almost no other issue there is greater consensus, and americans stood out today as being isolated in their veto of the resolution. >> many thanks for that. the bbc has obtained new information that questions whether mi5 could have done more to prevent the london bombings in 2005. the inq
to the present sharia law and leadership of the, of the ayatollahs. >> how has president obama done handling the middle eastern sense? >> i think he's done quite well the last three weeks in handling the egyptian situation. at first, he and the secretary of state and the vice president were saying that mubarak was our friend, that we needed to have stability and that someday there might be a change there, and we trusted mubarak to make the changes. that was the first series of statements made by the president and all of his subordinates. but as the teems changed from -- times changed from one week to another, they became more and more supportive of the dissidents who were demonstrating against mubarak and then, finally, the president announced that he wanted to see the changes made to a democracy and freedom now. and that's when mubarak responded very angrily that he wouldn't respond to outside pressure. so i would, i would say that in general that obama has handled egypt very well, about the same way i would have handled it the same way if i were in office. [laughter] i probably would have
obama has condemned the violence used by security forces in bahrain. in a telephone call, mr. obama warns the stability of the gulf state depended on meaningful political reform. at least 50 protesters were wounded when security forces opened fire on demonstrators. this time as they're trying to occupy pearl square. the u.s. and u.k. warrant their nationals against travel to bahrain. >> bahrain is in crisis. protesters tried to march to the center center -- march to the city center again. this was the response. the police and army are using tear gas and bullets. on the day they buried their dead, there was more bloodshed on the streets. dozens were wounded. some were critically wounded. >> they calls for restraint from britain and the others have fallen on deaf ears. the violence in the small gulf state is far from over. >> she has lost a son. he was buried today. one of six protesters to die this week. he was shot by the police. he was killed for a cause of rooted in this country's division. >> people want to stop discrimination. people want to stop the systematic torture going on
election he warned that barack obama's presidency would be like a jimmy carter second term. the joke didn't need any explanation. democrats responded to the differences between obama and president carter, not by defending the former president. even if carter became known for having one of the most active post presidential careers in american history, his time in the white house has remained a symbol of failed presidential leadership. over the past few months there have been many commentators who have compared obama to carter rather than fdr, and the nuns or ronald reagan. the point is clear. in contemporary political debate and in most history textbooks carter is consistently remembered as a president who failed to articulate a compelling political vision and who was unable to hold his party together. the image of a worn down carter hold up in the white house desperately trying to resolve the iran hostage crisis in to the final hours of his term became almost as iconic as the images of president john f. kennedy huddled with his brother robert trying to avert a nuclear war during the cuban
to transform not only lives but transform the systems because the systems need to be healing systems. as obama says, we need to start uttering healing words. president obama said that at the tucson memorial. we have to start uttering healing words to one another instead of wounding words. what we are trying to do is create systems -- school systems and juvenile justice system is that he'll instead of juvenile justice systems and school systems that continue to wound our youth. >> can i just say something about the systems of discipline in schools? so that before it even gets to the place where it is an issue, is that those systems definitely need changing. the question that parents need to ask when they have been told that their child has been involved in some misbehavior is to ask what was happening? what were the conditions? what were the circumstances? what were the antecedence that led to this behavior? because if we do not fix those, we will seed the systems you talk about. [applause] it is amazing how many young people can be turned back from negative behavior if the situation is appropr
on the street could avoid a government shutdown. we'll tell you all about that and coach obama. today, the leader of the free world led a bunch of 9-year-old girls. we'd love to see your windy weather pictures as well. send those pictures of what's happening in your neighborhood to >>> tonight the violence continues in libya. this morning police attacked a protest encampbellment in the city of ben gaghazi. 84 killed in three days of protests. moammar gadhafi, calling for him to step down. >>> the house worked late into the night to pass a sweeping new spending bill that cuts more than $60 billion from federal programs. the $1.2 trillion spending measure includes cuts to schools, nutrition -- housing spub subsidies for the poor and plans to chine up the chesapeake bay. the big passed. it will now go to the senate where it's less likely to pass. many expect a temporary budget to pass, though, to avoid a government shutdown march 4th. >>> still to come tonight, continuing coverage of the dangerous winds battering the metro area. and tom sherwood is going to join us to talk about his very
report. obama's budget gets panned by the left and right for failing to make the hard decisions. so does the g.o.p. see the president's punt as an opportunity for a trap? and the wild showdown in wisconsin over collective bargaining rights for public unions, is it a case of things to come? the education wars heat up as reformers on more drastic measures to improve school performance. we'll talk to someone who spent almost a decade on the front lines. welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. president obama unveiled the budget this week for fiscal year 2012, almost unanimous agreement from the left, right and center that it does nothing to reduce the federal deficit. is his failure to make the tough choices an opportunity for the republicans or a potential trap? joining the panel this week, wall street journal washington columnist kim strassel. economics writer steve moore and assistant editorial editor james freeman. so, kim shall the president must have understood this is the way the budget proposal was going to be received. what's their political thinking? >> well, you
everyone, live from america's news headquarters, i'm jamie colby. read by president obama, the house passing sweeping legislation because 61 billion dollars from the federal budget and on the chopping block, hundreds of federal programs, the bill also sheltering coal companies, oil refiners and farmers from new government regulation, early morning vote led by republicans made to pledge the federal deficit and the measure faces hurdles in the senate. a developing story in fox right now. somali pirates taking four americans hostages in the arabian sea off the coast of somalia. gina and scott adams have been silling around the world since 2004 according to the website and the identities of the two other american hostages not yet released. i'm jamie colby, back to bulls and bears. >> two budgets, two fumbles and the republicans and the president not tackling them in the budgets. and medicare and medicaid making up nearly half of the federal budget. gary b says they're putting america at risk by ignoring it. >> tell you what, brenda, you're absolutely right and here is the problem. i'm go
it a bailout. president obama will push for assistance is what he will call it. for health care, intrastructure and things like that. i'd have to say i agree with emac, i think there will be money funneled to the government -- from the government to states. >> with republicans pushing back in the house, you think the president would get another bailout passed? >> mike took my line. it will be a bailout, but it won't be labeled as such. it will be in the form of stimulus. we've seen this before. >> don't you think the american public has wised up? haven't they figured out that a bailout under any other name is the same? >> i think the american public has wised up, but i don't think washington gets it. so it will be called something else. the crux teachers' salaries. it is about defined benefit plans. we are seeing this all over the country, even in san francisco, san francisco, interim mayor is saying our pension plan needs to be scrapped. if it isn't we are not going to be able to fund our police force. the question is, why in the private sector you have to fund your retirement, it isn't guaran
in silicon valley is innovation. and that's what brought president obama to these parts. >> lehrer: and kwame holman details the tug-of-war in congress today over spending cuts. >> woodruff: plus, mark shields and david brooks provide their weekly analysis. >> lehrer: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> okay, listen. somebody has got to get serious. >> i think... >> we need renewable energy. >> ...renewable energy is vital to our planet. >> you hear about alternatives, right? wind, solar, algae. >> i think it's got to work an a big scale. i think it's got to be affordable. >> so, where are they? >> it has to work in the real world. at chevron, we're investing millions in solar and biofuel technology to make it work. >> we've got to get on this now. >> right now. moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. pacific life-- the power to help you succeed. and by toyota. the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. and with the ongoin
day. we dealt know how long the protests will continue. on president obama billion dollar transportation department budget for 2012. the transportation secretary was our guest on this morning's washington journal. it's 40 minutes.contin screen making aking return visit to thea washingtol journal we are pleased to have the secretary of transportation ari lahood. t we want to talk about the budget but i want to starte budget but i want to start with a budget battle in florida over high-speed rail because you are right in the middle of it. tell our audience about. guest: the governor decided he did not want to move ahead -- after two decades of planning by rail enthusiasts and government officials, after a very strong commitment on the floor of the legislature come after our commitment to give the second largest amount of high-speed rail money, over $2 billion, the governor made the decision that he doesn't want to move ahead with this. we have really accommodated every concerned that he had. i met with the governor on three different occasions and we talked about high-speed
somebody -- >> what do you think of mr. obama's performance thus far? >> i think a slow start, but he got up to speed, which is not that unusual in these kind of situations. i mean, we did not have anybody here in the u.s. predicting the fall of the berlin wall either. this has been a massive series of events. everybody said it could happen some day but you didn't know when. everything came together with the crisis. >> as a result of a direct conflict between our ideals and beliefs, which are in democracy and one man one vote, and in our vital interests. in bahrain an american fleet there, which is a check on iran. if you have one man, one boat, will you get a see hartsfield- jackson government there and the sunnis won't allow that, and the king of about rain won't allow. that and i don't think the americans want that! >> which is why you see the administration playing this very carefully. they're really not out front nudging these leaders aside. on the other hand, if that leader in bahrain topples, the administration wants to be sure they are seen on the side of history and the side of y
captioning by vitac, underwritten by fireman's fund >>> president obama dines and chats with silicon valley execs the same week a report shows a slight improvement in the valley's job outlook. a 45-year-old tax break for farmers to keep them from turning their land into housing is threatened by governor brown's budget. the world champion san francisco giants try for a two-for as spring training begins. and we look at an exhibit featuring african-american quilts and jazz music. all that coming up next. ♪ ♪ >>> good evening. i'm spencer michels sitting in for belva davis. welcome to "this week in northern california." joining me tonight on our news manual are rachel gordon, city hall reporter with the "san francisco chronicle" and a baseball fan. paul rogers, environment writer with the "san jose mercury news." and ryan flinn, reporter with bloomberg news. so ryan, president obama comes to silicon valley and then he goes up to oregon. a lot of to do, though not a lot of press coverage. why did he really come here? >> officially it was for a talk about innovation and jo
president obama sided with the state workers. >> some of what i've heard coming out of wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems like more of an assault on unions. >> woodruff: speaker of the house john boehner took issue, saying: >> if the president truly wants an adult conversation about our fiscal challenges, shouting down reform-minded leaders is a bad way to start. call off the attacks and lead, mr. president." the fight is being joined in other states, where republicans are also trying to lower employee benefits. protests are planned in coming days in ohio, indiana, missouri, new jersey, and pennsylvania. more than 20 state legislatures are considering benefit cuts. we get two views now on the issues being debated in wisconsin and elsewhere. randi weingarten is president of the american federation of teachers, one of the unions protesting in wisconsin. she was in madison last night. and jonathan williams is the director of the tax and fiscal policy task force for the american legislative exchange council, which represen
. a hand grenade into one crowd killed one person and has wounded 43. president obama traveling out here on the west coast put out a statement saying he's "deeply concerned" and he called on the governments of bahrain, libya and yemen to show restraint and respect what the president called the people's universal rights to peaceful assembly. there were peaceful assembly today. tahrir square filled with flag waving celebrating one week. egypt's military warned the demonstrations must stop so the country's economy can get moving again. protesters marched in jordan, iraq and iran. let's get the latest now on the tense situation in bahrain. a tiny island kingdom situated in a crucial spot between saudi arabia and iran and home to a big u.s. military installation. nic, what's the latest? >> reporter: the latest is the peace initiative from the crown prince. the king handed the crown prince authority to negotiate here. he appeared on a popular talk show saying the country is at a crossroad and they need a pause of reflection but one of the main shia opposition parties here said they won't get i
and see if it holds is the coalition between the clintons and president obama. that is to me the key political fact in the country, that coalition. if that weren't there, hillary clinton f she were still senator of this state up in new york would be the lightning rod for every middle east problem, every economic problem. she would be the way ted kennedy was back with jimmy carter. the party would be split. and the fact that it is not split i think is key to its success, and its possibility of winning a significant re-election. if they weren't united as they are, i don't think they would be winning next time. >> rose: do you think if she was in the senate now. >> the things that have happened she might be positions herself to challenge. >> not to challenge but even if she didn't, she would be positioned to inevitably play the role of critic because it would just come to her it would be the automatic role for somebody like that. and as it is, because she's part of the team and done this perfect job so far, bill clinton's part of the team, it's really that, i don't know if i said this b
and work on the bill that would ultimately become president obama's health care reform. but it didn't happen. the democrats lost an election in massachusetts for the senate seat. and that changed the paradigm, that changed the narrative, that changed the debate. and then what happened? the house took up the bill passed by the senate, conveniently a bill that had been passed by the house of representatives the summer before as a housing bill, h.r. 3590, look it up at home. 3590, passed the senate. why would senator reid, why would the other body take up a previously passed house bill and turn it into a health care bill? because it wasn't a health care bill. it was a tax bill. it was a tax bill that had by constitutional authority had to originate in the house of representatives. so then the other body had the perfect vehicle. take the housing bill, strip out the housing language, put in the health care language, pass it on christmas eve and we'll gather back after the new year's eve festivities and create a conference committee and pass the president's signature health care legislati
committee and a group called organizing for america, that is the political machine for president obama are are heavily in what is going on in wisconsin. the even hoping to organize the protests that you reit lit there and they enhanged teachers to slow up at the capitol, don't show up in the classroom. that could be a clear violation of their contracts. with us, constitution law attorney day ri david rip ken. always great to see you. if the teachers are violating their contracts by not showing up for work and instead they are out there, you know, protesting, could they bow fired? >> they can be fired. >> i also think there is a liability to what is being done by the dnc. in one it is a tort, interference with a contractual relationship. they are violating wisconsin law. aiding and abetting a violation of the contractual relationship. aiding and abetting perhaps the conspiracy of. the president, of course, has spoken in their defense and in one level this is a political statement, a policy statement. i wonder if you look at it for a second we are not just talking about a labor dispute f
news." and ryan flinn, reporter with bloomberg news. so ryan, president obama comes to silicon valley and then he goes up to oregon. a lot of to do, though not a lot of press coverage. why did he really come here? >> officially it was for a talk about innovation and jobs. other people think that maybe he's here to raise money. but, obviously, the big news coming out of the meeting was that facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg owns a suit. usually he's in t-shirts and hoodies. so that was the big news that people were discussing today about the photo that came out of it. >> there was another photo with steve jobs as well who is on leave, medical leave. and there he was hob knobbing with all the people. >> he looked apparently healthy. >> my invitation got lost in the mail. couldn't make it. the valley is doing well on its own. a lot of private companies are growing on their own without government intervention. it seems like he could learn something from them about what's driving their businesses. >> what they say in the valley is they want federal money for technological innovation an
does it mean for your tax dollars? >> wisconsin's massive budget battle continues with president obama supporting the union and mobilizing the dnc to gather protesters on the ground but not all unions actually want his help. >> and schools taking discipline to a new level slapping g.p.s. trackers on students who skip class. should parents be in charge of controlling bad behavior? >> coffee time. "fox and friends" continues right now. good morning, everyone. >> i expect this in hour number two? come on. dana is here for us this morning. and we got e-mails at 4:50 this morning from john boehner's office because they were actually still working at 4:00 this morning trying to get through the massive cuts in spending to the 2011 budget, $60 billion cut from the 2011 budget. >> it was not close. here is how the vote broke down. yes, 235; no, 189. a lot slashed from the budget. a lot of democrats not happy. but this is setting up a veto. and it is setting up a fight in the senate. and a government shut down as a result. >> it is coming together. president obama will exercise his first veto so
with president obama last night? next, the first comment from one of the silicon valley heavyweights sitting at the table. >>> and good sievening, i'm chi meteorologist jeff ranieri. plenty of 30s on the board, even including san francisco. you're going to want to bundle up tonight. of course, cold air up across the tahoe region. we're going to have your full ski report and when some of the best weather will be on this extended we ekend. et'l ll you know, oh, yes, when the sun returns in just a minute. l >>> okay. president obama took off from sfo this morning but only after that most dynamic dinner party in silicon valley history. so what exactly was discussed at the dinner table last night? 12 high-profile guests but only 1 is speaking about it, and he's speaking to us. the white house releasing two pictures of this closed-door summit. this is the first one. it's at the woodside home of john doerr. you know the names, steve jobs, eric schmidt and larry ellison. there's also a candid shot of mr. obama and facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg. he swapped out his usual hoodie for a sport coat.
down. there are reports that president obama's political crew organizing for america is encouraging the demonstrations. that would make sense because what is going on in wisconsin could make or break the democratic party in america. there is no question with the 3. billion-dollar short fall wisconsin is in trouble economically. so public workers will have to concede some benefits. even with governor walker's give back proposal wisconsin state workers are far better off than they would be doing the same jobs in the private sector. but the crucial matter for america is the labor union business. liberal democrats need the liberal unions to support them. president obama cannot be reelected without union money and votes. republican party says the country is bankrupt because the labor unions have secured so much for their workers. that the economy is being strangled because of that. the "wall street journal" today says, quote: the battle of madison, wisconsin, is the semmal showdown over whether government union power can be tamed. the alternative is higher taxes. until the middle class
in funding cut for the national endowment for the arts. >> kelly: president obama saying in his weekly address, today he considers education to be the key to boosting our nation's economy. >> if we want to win the global competition for new jobs and industries, we've got to win the global competition to educate our people. we've got to have the best trained, best skilled work force in the world. that's how we'll insure that the next intel or google or next microsoft is created in america and hire american workers. >> kelly: but republicans say rein not guilty government spending is the most important issue going forward. congressman tom price questioning the president's commitment to making the hard decisions. >> i find it astounding that the president has submitted a budget that ignores the recommendations of his own fiscal commission and it punts on all of the tough choice, including entitlement reform. instead, he's expanded entitlements through obamacare, a government takeover that will destroy 800,000 jobs, according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office and accelerate ou
for those state senators to come home. >> meanwhile, everybody from president obama to speaker john boehner have weighed in and after the republican senate leader said i don't think there's any doubt they are burning the bridge now. it's clear the standoff is not going to end any time soon. >> what is at stake in wisconsin? one of the legislators has been waiting two days for his missing colleagues to show up and vote. state sen store glenn joins us now. >> senator, well some. why do you think your democratic colleagues felt they needed to call extreme action to repair the budget bill? >> unfortunately, a lot of the democrats are very close to the most extreme members of the teachers union and other public employees in the state of wisconsin. they desperately want to raise taxes instead of bringing in public employees on the solution to this fiscal crisis. >> senator grothman, there are things in this budget repair bill that will not raise revenue but will affect the ability of these public service unions to function. specifically, senator grothman, how do you help the deficit by making uni
the government through september. this bill comes at $100 billion less than president obama wanted for fiscal year 2011 and the final passage wound up with 67 amendments which was down from 583 amendments brady bill passed her to a 35-189. past 235-189. for our first 45 months, we want to get your thoughts on the passage of the spending bill -- for our first 45 minutes, we want to get your thoughts on the passage of the spending bill and its future as it goes to the senate. this is in low of having the government shut down on march 4 reco4. host: these are the numbers if you want to contribute. send us an e-mail at journal@cspan.org and you can also use a twister. " the washington post"has a breakdown of the amendment. just to give you a flavor of things that were considered, here is a breakdown. lots of amendments on health care and lots of amendments on environmental issues, as well. one thing that was written about this morning in "the new york times," is the personal nature of the cuts. with some of that in mind, we will also take go look at some of the debate last night between legislato
to things that obama can point to and say, look, there community block grants here. i was a community organizer. it's not just about the number. that's something i believe in and i'm even willing to cut that. to suggest that he is serious enough. but it wasn't so serious. they know at the white house they're never going to win a cutting battle with republicans so they didn't really try. they want to show they're serious enough and then hold back and hold basically the big negotiations about the long-term questions. the budget is for the next 10 years, but we're talking about long term. they want to hold those discussions about the long-term growth of the budget deficit is this a quieter way, not in a day-to-day may lay and hope they can manage the process they use with extending the bush tax cuts next year, do it behind the scenes and deliver to the public. gwen:, when they think about the economy at all, was there anything in the president's pitch which spoke to that? >> yes. he tried to identify the three areas that he really does want some money to go to and in terms of job creatio
with a country like iran and ahmadinejad negotiations will never work. >> clinton through bush and obama have all believed there was some level of ben nate iran could be offered that would get it to give up its nuclear program. >> this attempt to negotiation as -- they regard this attempt at negotiation as a sign of [ robin ] quality and reliability are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. so i'm proud to manufacture the accu-chek aviva meters and test strips here in the usa. and now we put a prescription discount card in every box so you'll pay no more than $15 on tt strips, which is a true american value foreople with dbetes likee. [ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. >>> americans, europeans are really uncomfortable with the idea of holy wars and mass murder for religious reasons. they can't imagine themselves slaughtering other human beings because the true re john needs to defeat the enemies of god. because they can't imagine that for themselves. they also can't imagine that others behave that way. but this is a fail are of imagination. -- this is a failure o
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